Applying Our Skills to Your Needs

Every client comes to POLITICAL SOLUTIONS with specific and unique needs. Working with you, we create a strategy tailored to produce tangible results and bolster your legislative efforts. We fully customize our service to each client based on their needs and desires.

    - Developing a client specific and clearly defined legislative, administrative or public policy strategy

    - Quickly building coalitions and/or partnerships with all interested parties to create a strong and proactive strategy

    - Building and enhancing client profiles through legislative advocacy days

    - Strategically coordinating all lobbying meetings at the State Capitol, in key legislative districts with committee chairs and members, and with administrative officials

    - Creating legislative letters and background materials on behalf of our clients

    - Preparing written reports and oral updates on legislative activities

    - Ensuring accurate and appropriate preparation and tight execution of testimony at legislative hearings, press conferences or other public testimony opportunities—including conducting mock sessions for preparation

    - Creating an ongoing professional network by inviting clients to all events hosted by Political Solutions, including nonprofit events

    - Providing advice, direction and strategic planning during statewide and legislative elections

Words. Actions.

Our clients benefit the most from our relentless honesty and our understanding of what it takes to create the changes you need. You may not always like what we tell you, but we believe you benefit most from no-nonsense assessments with realistic expectations. By calling it as we see it, we give you a practical view of the opportunities and obstacles in your path. We say what we do, and do what we say.

Income. Outcomes.

We work hard. That simple, yet profound statement means a great deal to our clients. They know we earn our fees daily by delivering their messages to the people who matter. Rather than measuring our success by the lobbying industry’s standard of income, we measure our performance by the amount of favorable impact achieved for our clients. Each quarter we work with our clients to evaluate our progress toward reaching clients’ strategic plan milestones, fine tuning our approach, and setting new targets for the coming quarter. If you want to know how well we’re doing, just ask our clients.

Protect. Promote.

A single government action can have enormous impact on your interests. Professional associations, industry groups, and corporations need someone who will be single-mindedly dedicated to watching out for them. At POLITICAL SOLUTIONS, we keep track of what’s happening, what it means to you and what we can do to immediately effect change.

Our focus is on protecting and promoting your interests. Whether you want us to monitor legislative actions and potential effects, act on a single issue requiring concentrated attention, or develop a long-range plan to gain legislative recognition and respect, we provide skillful direction backed by decades of collective experience and hard work. By starting with a comprehensive strategy that connects the elements needed to achieve short and long term objectives, we help you create a more prosperous future.

Separate. United.

Each principal at POLITICAL SOLUTIONS brings to our clients a depth and breadth of knowledge second to none in California. Our diverse and wide reaching background combined with a roster of connections brings our clients the best of their individual expertise while enjoying the team approach of the entire firm to ensure the achievement of every client’s goals. Blending our expertise and relationships allows us to recognize and capitalize on each and every opportunity on your behalf.

Democrat. Republican.

In today’s political climate, a bipartisan firm offers clients the best opportunity to be seen and heard. Our diverse political beliefs and team approach to client representation ensures that your message is delivered to Democrats and Republicans alike with equal attention and equal impact.

Who. What.

Legislative term limits have rewritten the book on legislative advocacy. While building and maintaining relationships is an important and never-ending process, aggressively and effectively communicating issues carries equal weight. Our principals bring extensive experience working successfully with legislators and staff in both parties. More importantly, we are experienced at getting in front of the right people at the right time, with an articulate message that convincingly represents your position. It’s making a name for you that counts.